Posted by Catherine Hedden ● October 01, 2020

Why Strong Brands Will Become Stronger In This Era Of Divisive Politics

divisive politicsThe divisive political situation in the United States is very stressful.

In July 2020, an American Psychological Association survey found that 77% of Democrats and 62% of Republicans report “the current political climate is a significant source of stress in my life.”

Note, this survey was taken before the recent highly contentious presidential debate. If the comments on social media are any indication, I imagine the stress is even higher now.

It seems we’re all tired. Tired of the divisiveness. Tired of the fighting. Tired of worrying about our health and the economy and hurricanes and fires and floods.

And yet, the one thing that can cause us to feel better or at least feel less stress, is work. When an organization is purpose-led and team members (contracted employees, gig workers and freelancers) understand how their work contributes to the shared goals of the organization, work becomes a place of refuge in times of divisiveness.

When we have a sense of belonging with a strong brand, either as a stakeholder or a customer, we’re united by a common purpose and shared vision. This common purpose doesn’t require us to agree on political views or conform to a single cultural template. Differences in opinion on matters outside of the shared purpose aren’t relevant.

And, even when differences of opinion on how to achieve the organization’s purpose arise, we’re better able to resolve our differences through reasonable dialogue because we’re aligned around the shared purpose.

So, as an organization leader, now is the time to reinforce your shared purpose. Simply by focusing on what unites your team and your customers, you’ll be offering all of us a respite from the stressful, divisive politics.

So, go all out. Now is your moment to remind your organization and customers of the positive impact they’re having on the world. It will make us all feel better (and build brand value). 

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