Posted by Catherine Hedden ● July 21, 2020

Why Organization Resilience Could End In Organization Failure

TIU-Why_Organization_Resilience-0720-1Anyone else feeling exhausted by 2020 and all its changes and uncertainties? It’s like we’re standing in the surf on a red flag day at the beach, doing our best to stay upright while waves crash into us over and over. We pick ourselves up only to be knocked down again, each struggle more exhausting than the last.

Self-help gurus and global consulting firms alike are touting “resilience” as the best approach. I can almost hear them screaming from the sand dunes – “get back up, get back up!”

“The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”

But what if instead of fighting the waves, we grab a surfboard and learn to ride them? That sounds not only safer and more productive, but also more enjoyable.

Surfing the waves of change means we are able to thrive in the uncertainty. We keep a look-out for new waves and enjoy the process of making adjustments as the nuances of each new wave become clearer as it approaches.

There is no doubt organizational resilience is an important trait. There is greater capacity for quickly and effectively responding to threats and unexpected crises. It can create more cohesive teams, stronger leaders and improve brand reputation. The challenge with focusing on resilience, though, is the implication of “recovery.” It focuses on getting up after you’ve been knocked down. If we focus on resilience, we may seal our organization’s fate as exhaustion, fatigue and stress take over. 

We have entered a new normal, where uncertainty is the new operating environment. We can see more waves coming; the resurgence of COVID-19, a recession, social change, extreme climate events, a November election. Instead of focusing on quickly recovering from these approaching events, we can build new organizational capacities to thrive in this new environment of unrelenting change.

Thrive in Uncertainty

Our change management experts shaped our Thrive in Uncertainty program by synthesizing years of research and experience. Our goal was to use what we have learned over the years working with complex organizations across multiple business sectors to solve complex problems. Our goal was simply to create something to help leaders answer the question swirling around in their heads: How do we move forward from here?

Our program focuses on your most valuable resource--your people. Our practical, actionable, and scalable solution will support you and your teams and set you up to thrive as you navigate the waves of change.