Posted by idgroup ● April 12, 2015

Page 111 is Full of Pain

To see idgroup’s work for Pain Consultants of West Florida among international companies known for excellence in design was enough to make our creative team fall to the floor with excitement! Our eyes scanned the curated collection of colorful, eye-catching work, eager to see each and every piece in this years PRINT Regional Design Annual (RDA). After taking a few moments to reflect our studies, we couldn’t help ourselves. We started to dissect and identify the various trends among this year’s collection. Here’s what we found:

No trend is the trend
Our biggest observation is the abundance of differing, blended styles. Instead of one predominant trend or style that we have witnessed in previous RDA’s, there is experimentation with both the new and classic. These “trends” create work so unique they defy a succinct, authoritative classification.

[pullquote type="right"]To see so much variety and depth among the work in this year’s RDA is beyond inspiring. [/pullquote]

A continuing movement in the design world is to further design through the practice of studying the past. Whether a mash-up of old-world style and modernist aesthetics or the continuation of simple executions, designers are now producing work that is evocative of both the classic and emergent. Through this mindset, we’ve witnessed design decisions being made that bring a multitude of styles to life—from artisanal details in contemporary work to Bauhaus illustrations and layouts made current with monolined embellishments, refreshing color palettes and old world printing techniques.

We believe the current design trend is not a trend at all—it’s a movement. By pulling inspiration from a multitude of previous classic and current styles, designers are provided with inspiration to create work that helps distinguish their client visually from their competition.  To see so much variety and depth among the work in this year’s RDA is beyond inspiring.

Thank you PRINT. And kudo’s to our client, for trusting our process to create work that showcases excellence in visual branding.

What is PRINT?
Founded in 1940, PRINT is considered to be the preeminent authority on art and culture in regards to design. In addition to leading the dialogue on design and culture, PRINT holds a multitude of different design contests, with the aforementioned RDA being their most prestigious and recognized event in the design community.

But why should we care about their Regional Design Annual? 
The RDA is designer and creative house’s dream showcase, where the best and brightest compete with innovative design. Within its pages, the RDA showcases work from a multitude of global powerhouses Coca-Cola and Starbucks.

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