Posted by Catherine Hedden ● July 28, 2020

FAQ: 8 Questions CEO's are Asking About the Thrive in Uncertainty Program

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Is Thrive in Uncertainty a short-term solution or will it create long-term impact?

Thrive in Uncertainty is a practical, actionable and scalable solution designed to deliver immediate results and long-term impact. While the program is new, the methodology that is the foundation of the program is proven. The effectiveness of these methods have been proven through both academic research and actual client experience.

How will Thrive in Uncertainty strengthen my leadership team’s ability to improve organizational performance?

With the Thrive in Uncertainty program, your leadership team will be better prepared to lead in a way that acknowledges the uncertainty and instills confidence and clarity around priorities. This is accomplished by building capabilities around compassionate leadership and emotional stability, and facilitating working sessions designed to bring strategic clarity, whether the objective is to seize the opportunity available in times of change or to pivot during a time of crisis.

One study from 2012 found that compassionate leaders appear stronger and have more engaged followers. Other studies have found that organizations with more compassionate leaders have better collaboration, lower turnover, and employees who are more trusting, more connected to each other, and more committed to the company.

Rutgers psychologist Daniel Goleman established the importance of emotional intelligence to business leadership.  In 1998, in what has become one of HBR’s most enduring articles, “What Makes a Leader,” he states unequivocally:

“The most effective leaders are all alike in one crucial way: they all have a high degree of what has come to be known as emotional intelligence. It’s not that IQ and technical skills are irrelevant. They do matter, but…they are the entry-level requirements for executive positions. My research, along with other recent studies, clearly shows that emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership. Without it, a person can have the best training in the world, an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of smart ideas, but he still won’t make a great leader.”

Strategic uncertainty can feel like finding your way in the fog. Leaders defer decisions, delay investments and pause anything possible. Fear, uncertainty and doubt can drive undesirable behavior and dubious decisions. Our strategy sessions are flexible, adaptable and customizable. They are designed to address the toughest strategic challenges of our time. The strategy sessions apply the five principles of design thinking with appreciative inquiry to quickly arrive at strategic clarity, imbuing your leadership team with a renewed sense of confidence, connection and clarity.

How is the program delivered?

Thrive in Uncertainty is customized for each organization, based upon your situation and what you’d like to accomplish. We will comply with all relevant governmental guidelines and keep your team and ours safe.

Whether you choose to have the program delivered digitally or in-person, the experience will be immersive, interactive and transformative. Thrive in Uncertainty was designed for both digital and in-person experiences, so if you choose the digital experience, you won’t receive a watered down version of our in-person experience. Whether it’s digital or in-person, there will be hands on experiences, one-on-one conversations and deep connections.

How can I calculate an ROI?

We will use our proprietary performance measurement tool to calculate the impact Thrive in Uncertainty has on your organization. This efficient, accurate, tech-enabled performance solution measures perceptions before, during and after the program experience. Your leadership will have immediate access to worker feedback via a cloud-based dashboard; insights critical for understanding your workers, reinforcing performance excellence and coaching team improvement. Limelight measures the real-time pulse of your operating environment while identifying your star performers and offering leaders an opportunity to share positive brand stories that reinforce your brand mission, values and purpose.

I’m trying to survive, how can I possibly take the time to do this?

Knowing when to stay the course versus when to change direction is a critical decision for organization leaders. Our economy has fundamentally changed and many organizations are realizing, we’re facing a fundamental and permanent shift in our external operating environment. As we face wave after wave of change, many leaders are asking: How do we move forward from here?

Through our Thrive in Uncertainty program, we’re helping leadership teams tackle complex business challenges. Our powerful, agile approach gives you a competitive advantage in times of rapid change. Whether it’s a brand, product, productivity, customer or workplace culture challenge or opportunity, we can help.

Whether you are seizing an emerging opportunity or addressing an urgent crisis, Thrive in Uncertainty can help you drive immediate, short-term results and long-term sustainable value.

How long does it take to execute the program?

Program completion length depends upon your objectives, the delivery method (in-person or digital) and the size of your organization. With all of that in mind, a typical middle-market organization could execute the program within a one-week timeframe.

How much does the program cost?

The cost of the program depends upon your objectives and the size of your organization. Please contact us for a quick quote based on your needs.

Who in my organization needs to be involved?

There will typically be a c-suite sponsor and a primary project leader from your team. Then, based upon your objectives, we will work with you to decide who from your organization should be involved in the digital or in-person workshops.

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