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Episode 4: The Storytelling Story

You’ve just gotta love someone who wears a t-shirt that proclaims “vulnerability is sexy.”

In this episode of Core Dialogues Radio, Round Table Companies founder, Corey Blake, shares the “story behind the story” to tell us how these words became his mantra—in life and in business.

At the core of Corey’s story is a journey of transformation from a stage actor, to life in Los Angeles as a director and on-screen star in commercials that many of you would recognize, to successful business man. But, more than a career change, Corey experienced a life-altering realization about his purpose and passion. He emerged from this process as an entrepreneur and coach who now helps people discover and share their own unique stories with the world.

At the heart of Corey’s philosophy is an ardent belief in the power of authenticity, which requires a certain openness and vulnerability. Merriam-Webster defines authentic as the quality of being genuine and worthy of belief. This necessitates having the courage to genuinely share our inner self, irrespective of the consequences—an idea that is not for the faint of heart. Listen in as Corey shares why he believes this risk can pay big dividends—in quality of life, quality of relationships and business success.

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