Posted by Mona Amodeo, Ph.D. ● August 05, 2016

Episode 3: Healthy Business

Each year, millions of people are diagnosed with chronic disease, and millions more die from their condition. The most common chronic diseases are costing the economy more than $1 trillion annually—and that figure threatens to reach $6 trillion by the middle of the century.

Beyond the economic impact, it’s hard to really calculate the human impact that chronic disease has on the daily lives of individuals, families and communities. CEO Lee Murphy and his team at Inspera Health are on a mission to change this doomsday prediction. They have imagined a different story where people impacted by chronic conditions can choose a different future.

In this episode of Core Dialogues Radio, Lee and I chat about Inspera Health’s unique approach to turning the tide on these disturbing statistics. Inspera is seeing real results – not only in improving the health of people, but also the health of businesses.

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About Lee Murphy
Lee Murphy is Chief Executive Officer of Inspera Health and has spent over 20 years working to improve the health of people living with multiple chronic conditions. Lee has a Ph.D. in Values Driven Leadership from Benedictine University. He is a longtime triathlete and marathon runner. Through Inspera Health, he lives his belief in the power of for-profit organizations to be a catalyst for positive global benefit.

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