Posted by Mona Amodeo, Ph.D. ● July 27, 2016

Episode 1: The Entrepreneurial Can-Do Spirit

I was excited to have Keith Hoffert as as our first Core Dialogues Radio guest because in many ways, he represents that entrepreneurial, can-do spirit we hope our weekly conversations will encourage.

Keith, like many entrepreneurs I know, jumped when opportunity knocked - and he hasn’t looked back. During our conversation, Keith shared some of the motivations for his journey that have taken him from his role as a celebrated chef to life as an entrepreneur.

As co-owner and producer of Business Radio X in Pensacola, as well as owner of his most recent venture, Foodie Life (a brand he describes as the "flavor of life through food, culture and the human experience), Keith is carving out his own unique recipe for business and personal success. I think you will find what Keith had to say about why he took the leap of faith to his new life insightful.

I can tell you this…he’s having fun, making some money, and creating the life he wants to live with his family, all a pretty good return on investment.

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