Posted by Hillary Rivera ● April 12, 2015

3 Benefits of Social Media Every Business Should Know.

Many clients come to us grappling with social media questions. Should we be on Facebook? Can Instagram drive new business for us? Who uses Snapchat?

These are common questions in an age of increasing digital engagement. Below are three reasons why every business should have a strategic social media plan.

1. Increase brand awareness with little to no money 
Although Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks continually update their system to give content preference to individuals, business pages still have the opportunity to connect and engage with their fans in a meaningful way. To increase this reach, social network promotion costs are only a fraction of the cost that other media outlets charge.

2. Open the door for instant feedback
Fans online are vocal about their experiences, whether positive or negative. Social networks allow a brand to respond immediately to customer comments, concerns and feedback. This is a critical component of shaping your brand's narrative and reputation both on and offline.

3. Increase website traffic and search ranking
A strategic social media editorial plan can drive quality traffic to your website and improve your search ranking by giving your site more authority on the web. With new updates to the way that search engines function, brands with active social networks gain placement priority online.

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