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10 Years Together: Celebrating a Decade Together

idgroup recognizes and celebrates two of our very own, Gail Spruill-Shaw and Kris Poore for their ten-year anniversary! As reward for their tireless commitment, idgroup is shipping them off on a European adventure for a week! Congratulations from your idgroup family, and bon voyage!  


Kris Poore

Kris Poore started in January 2007 as Production Manager and now serves as Chief Creative Officer of idgroup. Read what Kris has to say about his time with idgroup: 

  1. What were your greatest hopes when you joined the idgroup team?

I had just graduated from the University of West Florida with a degree in Communication Arts (Advertising & PR Concentration). I had applied to several other agencies in town at the time and was offered a position at three. When it came down to choosing, I went with idgroup because of Mona. I knew that she was someone I could learn a lot from. So in a way, my greatest hope was to be able to learn from someone I admired and respected.

  1. What do you enjoy most about working at idgroup now?

After ten years, I enjoy working at a company that I’ve helped shape. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to lead a team to victory (ten straight years), but working with my incredibly talented work family has given me all the joy in the world. They are the best, and because of them, we’ve grown in ways I never thought imaginable.

  1. What has surprised you the most during your time at idgroup?

The positivity. Unlike traditional advertising and marketing agencies, idgroup really sets itself apart through the work it does, and more specifically, by tapping into the power of positive psychology to help clients and team members alike, achieve their dreams. I’ve always loved branding, but Mona really opened my eyes to the possibility of branding influencing so much more than just how something looks, but also how it feels in the minds of the consumers, the community, and employees.

  1. Tell us a little bit about your European plans!

I’m so grateful for the gift! I never imagined that idgroup would give me a trip to Europe for a tenth anniversary! Honestly, I haven’t even booked my plans yet, but I’m most looking forward to reconnecting with an old friend and colleague who lives in Germany, Tina, who played a huge role in connecting me with Mona and idgroup in the first place.

  1. Any words of advice for young creatives?

Don’t show me what you’ve done. Show me what you’re capable of doing. I can show you how to do the rest.

  1. As you look to the future, what are your hopes for your industry?

In 2007, when I decided to stay in Pensacola, the design community was small and niche. Not many people talked with one another except for professional association meetings. I’m so glad that the creative class of Pensacola is coming together, and growing as a result. My hope is that it continues to grow, and that together we do our best to nurture the next generation of creatives. They don’t have to leave, great work is already here.


Gail Spruill Shaw

Gail Spruill Shaw started in April 2007 as Vice President and Creative Director and now serves as Creative Director Emeritus and Video & Photography Producer, as well as being an inspiration for our design team. Read what Gail has to say about her time with idgroup: 

  1. What were your greatest hopes when you joined the idgroup team?

After much discussion and many meetings with our Founder, Mona Amodeo, I was convinced to join idgroup as Vice President and Creative Director.

Going to work for someone and not myself, was the biggest decision.

This was a decision I did not take lightly—I was then fairly newly married and had moved to our area where we did not know one soul.  I left great Agency Producer job with a national agency to move—and freelanced for them and my clients for the next five years. I traveled several weeks per month and missed out on knowing people here. I joined AAF Pensacola after a few years and entered our local ADDY awards—it was there at the Pensacola Yacht Club, Mona saw my Brand Video work win Best of Show that year—months later Mona reached out to me to start a conversation of what idgroup could grow to be, especially in the area of storytelling through the Brand Video. We shared a similar love of film and arresting design. Mona had my ear. 

She was most enthusiastic and persuasive. Mona was then working on her book and needed to spend some time at home, writing. She needed someone with my credentials and experience to work with her small team. They had a ton of work and deadlines—there was much to do—and our office had a water view. I was really in Florida now. Kris and Tina, were the two idgroup employees—I fell in love with these two smart, driven and talented 20-somethings. With their determination and grace I felt we could do great work.

 My greatest hope was to grow and nurture the creative product in Northwest Florida, and beyond—hopefully specializing in the Brand Video area. And enjoy the task of mentoring the next generation of creatives.

  1. What do you enjoy most about working at idgroup now?

Our leadership and team, hands down. Being a part of our Creative Team and watching the depth of growth, mentoring when and if needed.

I've enjoyed being there to watch my colleague of ten years, Kris Poore, Creative Director, rise through his positions and emerge as a creative leader, talented force and gifted presenter. He is exceptional with clients and I am deeply proud to have a part in his journey.

With Somi, our Lead Designer, I've enjoyed being with her through her growth as a designer, illustrator and deep thinker. I absolutely get a high in the design area and enjoy working alongside her. She possesses  “the eye” for typography, which I share—you have to be a designer to understand this high—it is special. 

I enjoy our newest Creative addition, Nick. I enjoy his many talents and look forward to what next he creates in animation and editing. 

Mona and Lindsey have a gift of finding team members that are special, people that bring different talents and qualities that are a good fit.

They are all smart, of course, but each is a handpicked soul that truly cares about the work we do for our clients and our community. They have a sense of humor—who can not love that in a workplace.

I enjoy each year sitting on the Brand on Us Panel, to help in selecting the non-profit organization that we as a team will rebrand, totally pro bono.

Flexibility in how I work—as a former agency founder and owner and in charge of myself, I absolutely enjoy the freedom and trust idgroup has in me on how, when and where I work.

At the end of the day, trust, ethics and loyalty and compassion are qualities we all share—I enjoy that—it is comfortable.

  1. What has surprised you the most during your time at idgroup?

idgroup is sending me to Paris!!!!!!!!!! How smart the group is and how multifaceted we have become. The generosity of our company, especially Mona. She sincerely wants each individual to do what they love and help them get there, and find ways for ways to make it happen.

  1. Tell us a little bit about your European plans!

Frankly, I am still speechless about the unexpected and fabulous gift of a trip to the Paris Museums that I studied about in college. WOW.  A dream gift. I am grateful still beyond words. Thank you Mona!! Planning a romantic trip —taking my husband. He has to get a picture of the Eiffel Tower at night. He tried to take the shot 30 years ago in architecture school and they turned the lights off before the camera shutter clicked. 

Over the holidays we purchased travel guides and maps to study, then we will make our plans. I am thrilled about the seeing The Louvre, Rodin Museum and Impressionism artists. And tasting real French Bread and butter.

  1. Any words of advice for young creatives?

•    Know how to connect with people.
•    It is the human spirit you must connect with. For your work, but for yourself.
•    Care about what you do, how you say it and who you effect because your work has power, use it wisely.
•    Pay your dues.

  1. As you look to the future, what are your hopes for your industry?

That the industry will be the voice of hope, caring, compassion. That we will always give more than we receive. That we will care about what messages we create that affect how others make decisions and act and feel. Create in a way that is authentic and emotional, yet positive.

That white space, clean design and the written word will never die.




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