6 videos showing the power of brand storytelling


To support World Storytelling Day, we've highlighted six videos that showcase the power of brand-driven video storytelling. We believe video is one of the most powerful tools to go beyond product or service and offer an experience. Video is the ideal way to showcase purpose, core values, and the mission of a brand.  

We believe in helping CEOs and CMOs create brands that matter because they matter to people. We’re working to change the world for the better, one brand at a time. 

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Six Things Medical Practices Can Do Right Now to Immediately Improve Patient Experience

For many companies, the core of every strong reputation is an exceptional customer experience. For medical practices and healthcare organizations, this can be tough to achieve. After all, culture defines behavior, and consistent delivery of that behavior is key to influencing all levels of the patient experience. Without a clear understanding of your organization’s culture, the expression of its behavior can run amok of your brand, as well as your customers’ trust.

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Branding and Marketing: Which Strategy will Achieve Your Goals?

I’ve never publicly claimed to be a marketer, but somehow I’ve managed to make a living talking about it over the past ten years. But that journey hasn’t been without its challenges. The first of which was defining the role of marketing versus the role of branding to my clients.

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