How to Justify Investment in Healthcare Branding for Improved ROI


The healthcare sector in the United States has undergone major changes in the past decade. The passage of the Affordable Care Act brought a wave of new healthcare consumers into the marketplace. And recent efforts to repeal that bill and replace it with something new have underscored the importance of healthcare branding for providers that want to maintain their market share.

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Making it Matter: 8 Best Practices for Student Recruitment Campaigns


Students are the life-blood of colleges. Whether you’re marketing a traditional, 4-year university or an online school focused on adult education, you can’t survive without a steady stream of new students. In other words, student recruitment is a must for everybody in education.

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Top 25 Most Important Brand Positioning Statistics for CMOs in 2018


Brand positioning has never been more crucial than it is in 2018. The world of marketing – especially online – has expanded in ways we couldn’t have foreseen just a few years ago. Today’s consumers have unprecedented access to the brands they use. The right brand positioning can make or break your company.

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